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The Connected Horse Course can stand-alone or be part of a progressive three part series designed to help you feel more confident both on the ground and in the saddle, feel more connected with your horse and start to really enjoy your riding time.

Over 20 years of experience teaching horses and humans have gone into creating a practical framework that will help your horse find the perfect balance between calmness and responsiveness. It starts on the ground by developing the foundations for a deeper level of connection with your horse.

  • Help your horse find the perfect balance between being calm yet responsive and create a connection that will allow you to feel safe and confident.

  • We introduce you to, and build your knowledge of, the ground skills that are the building blocks for safety and performance in the saddle.

  • We help you understand how your horse learns so you can get the most out of your training sessions in a practical yet creative way .

  • Test your progress with some fun challenges along the way with the support of an exclusive Facebook support group.

What will I be getting?

It is a step-by-step programme that takes you through the essential ground skills of building confidence, creating personal space and developing responsiveness. There are over 4 hours of videos showing you what you will be doing in each module and supporting written material that you can download. We have used a horse that has never done it before in the “how to” sections and one of our own horses to show “here’s one we prepared earlier”. You get access to a private Facebook group where we will be answering questions and doing live Q&As and where people can chat and post their progress. You would only need an up to date browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc), and internet connection and a Facebook account to get started.

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Your Instructor

About Russell Higgins

Russell is a New Zealand-based clinician and horseman who is internationally known and respected for both his teaching and his horse development skills. He has been a frequent demonstrator at Equidays and Equitana Auckland and wows the crowds in the night shows with his spectacular liberty performances with his "boys". After training in the US over 20 years ago he has now taught in 18 different countries and started young horses on four continents. He recently featured in the iconic New Zealand television series "Country Calender" and has written for New Zealand Horse and Pony Magazine. He is based at Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre, his purpose-built facility that he owns and runs with his partner Ruth Carlyle. They both trained in natural horsemanship and continue to learn with respected horsemen and women from all disciplines.

Straight from the horse's mouth

What our students are saying


"These days I feel a real sense of confidence wherever I take my horse and a real sense of pride in my horse. Quite simply I would never have reached this point without the dedication that Ruth and Russell have shown towards me."

- Susan, New Zealand


"I've loved every minute of learning with Russell and Ruth. They bring the perfect mixture of skill, patience and good humour. Learning with them is always full of breakthroughs as well as fun! I can't recommend them enough"

- Rosie, UK


"Every year I'm able to get some private lessons from Russell when he's in France. The exercises are just what my horse (and I) need and Russell's explanations are very clear." 

Ellen, France


"I have found that without a doubt my horse and I have reached another level of partnership and knowledge."

- Mandy, South Africa


"Russell has a great way of presenting material so you can take the information and apply it at your level to make progress wherever you are currently at. It's given me the motivation I need to continue the education of myself and my horses."

- Ellie New Zealand


"Their horsemanship is outstanding and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any person who values progressing in their horsemanship while maintaining a real and positive relationship with their horse"

- Myriama, Australia

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Progressive Course Series

The Connected Horse Course is the first course in a series

  • The Connected Horse NZ$390

    This is the first course in the series and is all about creating the connection on the ground that will help you feel safe and prepare your horse to be a calm and responsive riding partner.

  • In the Saddle NZ$390 - coming soon

    This is the second in the series and whilst it continues your ground preparations for a safe ride it then shows you step-by-step how to keep that mental connection in the saddle.

  • Advancing your Connection NZ$390 - coming soon

    This is the last in the series and starts to really progress your partnership. You take the solid connection that you have created on the ground and in the saddle and you start to look at the foundations for performance.

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The Connected Horse Course

  • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you find that this course is not for you then just let us know within the first ten days and we will fully refund your money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a special equipment to complete this course?

    It is useful if you have some basic equipment, but not essential to get started. We use a rope halter and a 12 foot (3 m) lead rope, a stiff stick with a string and a flag.

  • Is this course right for me?

    This course is aimed at people who want to feel safe and connected with their horse. It is a very practical approach that uses natural horsemanship concepts and techniques. It is not for everyone, so if you get started and find that it is not for you we have a 100% money back guarantee if you let us know within ten days of purchase.

  • Is there a time limit on this course?

    There is no time limit on this course so can learn at your own pace and keep coming back to the content time and time again. We do recommend that you don't spend too long on it before moving on to the next course. It is a progressive series so it's not about perfection. We suggest between four and eight weeks to work through the material. For some of you that will

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