"It's not if they load, it's how they load"

Follow a young horse as he learns the skills to self-load. Step by step you will be taken through the preparations using obstacles, the first introductions to the trailer, how to build confidence and curiosity and reward all the "tries" and finally how to build the desire to go in and stay in the trailer. You will be taken through the preparations for closing them in, first with the bar and then the ramp.

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Take the stress out of travelling your horse

This step-by-step program will change your life. No more worrying if he will load or not. No more anxious nights before an event wondering if you will get there, or get home again!

Our Connected Horse Course valued at $390 is included FREE

to help you with the ground skills that you will need to get started

This course is definitely for you if you answer "yes" to any of these questions:

  • Do you have a young horse that you want to self-load with confidence right from the beginning?

  • Do you have a horse that is anxious about loading or travelling?

  • Do you want to learn in a step-by-step programme how to help your horse load for life?

Also inlcudes:

  • Denis, an older horse that lost his confidence in the trailer. Follow him as he goes on his first solo journey

  • Loading and travelling two horses together

  • Angle-loader and trucks -v- straight loaders

  • Q&A section on common problems

Your Instructor

Russell Higgins

Russell has been teaching horsemanship clinics and starting young horses professionally since 1999. To date he has taught in 18 different countries and started young horses on four continents. ​ In New Zealand Russell has been a clinician at Equidays, Equitana Auckland and Equifest as well as being a regular in the Equidays and Equifest night shows. He has won the 2018 Equidays Top Talent Contest and Equitana Connexion Challenge 2019 and been featured on "Country Calendar", a long-running New Zealand television show. He owns and runs Brumby Farm Horsemanship Center in Te Awamutu, New Zealand with his partner Ruth Carlyle who is also a horsemanship instructor.

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  • How long will I have access to the material for?

    There is no expiry date on your access to the materials

  • How can I pay for this course?

    You can pay by either credit/debit card or Paypal. Once you register you will be taken to the payment page where you will see the choices.

  • What does the course look like?

    The course is set out in modules which start with an overview of the topic, followed by a series of videos following Russell working in real-time with a horse and ending with a checklist of things you should be able to do before moving on. It is very easy to navigate.

  • Does it just cover straight-load trailers?

    Whilst all the filming was done using our straight-load trailer there is a section on angle-loads and trucks that gives some additional advice on using them.

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